We believe in learning the ESSENTIALS of words, numbers, and sentences.

The ESSENTIALS program is a bridge between the grammar and dialectic stages, and prepares students for the Challenge program. This power-packed course guides fourth- to sixth-grade students and their parents through the foundational principles of language structure and analysis, the structure and style of writing, and arithmetic speed and accuracy.

The classroom dynamic in Essentials is comparable to the one-room schoolhouse. Children will enjoy the process of parsing and diagramming sentences and learning the correct usage of words through sentence and paragraph building, while gleaning information from their peers and wrestling with concepts through a tutor-led dialectic discussion. This encouraging environment allows students to be servants to each other without focusing on age, grade, or ability levels. Students emerge prepared to tackle foreign languages, essays, and pre-algebra confidently when these simple, yet often neglected, skills are mastered.

Students and their parents meet for the two-hour Essentials class each week after Foundations. Parents— the true students in the class— will be equipped and encouraged to teach their children grammar and writing. Tutors trained in the program materials facilitate class time by modeling the exercises that parents will do with their students at home. Student and parent participation are critical components of this unique partnership!

The Essentials Difference

The Essentials of the English Language program (EEL) is a complete language arts program that takes students beyond the worksheet. Mixing strategic memorization of vocabulary, rules, and lists with a series of analytical tasks, EEL teaches students how to analyze sentence construction thoughtfully. The result is strong language construction and usage skills, both written and oral.