We believe a great education starts with a firm FOUNDATION.

Memorization Fun

FOUNDATIONS is a grammar-stage program for children age twelve and under and their parents. Using creative activities, games, and lots of enthusiasm, Foundations tutors make memorization fun. Tutors use techniques such as drawing to teach geography, singing to teach Latin, mnemonics in science, singing and rebuses for history, visual pegs to teach the timeline, and movements to teach English grammar.

Higher Learning

Don’t let the fun fool you though—students are gleaning a large amount of information from a variety of academic subjects. The facts they memorize establish a set of knowledge “pegs” on which they will “hang” the details of higher learning in later years.

Comprehensive Core

Parents and tutors use the Foundations Curriculum Guide, which outlines a comprehensive core of grammar for history, science, English grammar, Latin, geography, and math. Students will encounter these facts again later in the Challenge programs. This guide clearly leads parents through a classical education at home, week by week.

Firm Foundation

In addition to the memory work, students also participate weekly in public speaking, science projects or experiments, and either an art or music activity, building a firm foundation for a rich education.

Foundations programs meet for two semesters of twelve weeks each. Parents and students participate in a group assembly and then separate into classes of up to eight students for an academically-charged learning experience. Parents participate in classes to learn how to teach classically at home. Students inspire and encourage each other, and parents appreciate the support and encouragement they find in joining with other like-minded parents.

Community Day Schedule
Large Group Opening: Families take turns opening with prayer, the Pledge of Allegiance, and a family presentation. Directors may also lead Scripture memory work recitation and make announcements.

Classes: Students learn new grammar in core subjects, review previously learned grammar, participate in hands-on fine arts and science projects, and practice presentation skills.

Lunch: Families eat, talk, and play together after the morning’s work.

Essentials Program: Fourth- to sixth-grade students study English grammar and writing and participate in fun math games, like Uneven Odds.

Participation in a Foundations program establishes a three-way partnership between tutors, parents, and students. This partnership preserves all the advantages that led parents to school at home in the first place. In addition, parents benefit from the wisdom of experienced homeschoolers and relationships made with families on the same educational journey.

Tutors model teaching and memorization techniques for parents and students.

Parents attend class and, as primary educators of their children, direct home study and set standards for memorization, testing, and overall academics.

Students participate in class and practice memory work at home. At home, parents are encouraged to review the memory work daily and study more about the topics as interested. Families choose a complete math curriculum and a phonics/reading program that suits them.

What Is a Cycle?

The material taught in Foundations is divided into three cycles: one cycle per year for three years. Each cycle consists of twenty-four weeks of memory work and activities. Students who begin Foundations in K4 will complete each cycle at least twice, developing greater understanding and mastery through repetition. However, students at any learning level will benefit from learning the memory work, even if they only complete one cycle.

Cycle 1

Covers ancient world history.

Cycle 2

Covers medieval to new-world history.

Cycle 3

Covers United States history or history memory work developed for participating countries.

All other subjects (geography, science, fine arts, etc.) correlate to these time periods. Cycles aren’t related to a particular grade level. Sixth graders cover the same grammar as kindergartners, but are expected to cover the material in greater depth at home.